JEECE Collab: Junior Enterprise Web Dev Technical Test

March 2021

2 minutes
407 words

JEECE Collab main page

JEECE Collab is a project I realized in March 2021 as a technical test to integrate JEECE, the junior company of my school, ECE Paris.

The goal was to develop a web platform for collaborative work. It would allow employees of a company to communicate via instant messaging, and admin accounts would be able to distribute documents to the desired departments. You can find the full project requirements there (in French).

This project made me accepted at JEECE, and allowed me to learn many things.

👉🏼 GitHub repo


👨🏻‍🔧 Tech Stack





This stack was inspired by this 14 hour video tutorial by Ben Awad. One could say that this is certainly overkill given the requirements of the project. But I had already done a slightly similar project not so long ago, so it was a good opportunity for me to learn new technologies.


📸 Screenshots

Register form made with Formik

Styling & Dark mode come from Chakra UI. The error message is directly being fetched from the server, where regex rules are applied.

Employee dashboard

The employee has access to the files relevant to him, he can see his conversations, and can start new ones via the search bar.

Instant messaging with Socket.IO

Same page in Light mode

Admin dashboard

Here the admins can accept or reject new accounts as requested in the specifications. They can also upload files for the services and positions they choose. The file upload process is supported by the FilePond library.

This website is still a WIP, you can find the code for it there, look at the CHANGELOG there, and report bugs or request features there.